Mixed WEEE Protocol Calculator

Enter the total tonnes of Mixed WEEE

Under the UK WEEE Regulations, mixed WEEE collected from Local Authority Civic Amenity sites can be used to generate WEEE evidence relating to different Categories.

In 2010, the WEEE Schemes Forum carried out sampling on mixed WEEE skips to validate the Protocol percentages. This led to a change to new percentages that have been accepted by the environmental Agencies for use from 1 January 2011. These are now incorporated into this protocol calculator.

This protocol can only be used for mixed WEEE from Civic Amenity sites and should not be used for mixed WEEE from commercial premises such as retailer distribution centres.

Full details of the use of Protocols and other Evidence Guidance can be found in the Agency's GN04 document, but the calculator will apply 6.08% as non-WEEE of which 0.06% is considered to be batteries and 6.02% to be contamination.

The Agency have not yet stated formally that a mass balance approach can be used to demonstrate that the recycling and recovery targets have been met. However, if this was permitted, then using individual category targets pro rata'd, this produces a figure of 78.7% Recovery and 65.2% Recycling applied to the total weight of mixed WEEE loads received (including batteries and contamination).